Most students in South Africa do not have access to wifi, and mobile data in South Africa is currently the second most expensive in the world. However, most network providers offer WhatsApp access for free, or sell WhatsApp-Specific data at discounted rates.

This means that providing educational resources over WhatsApp is a unique opportunity to reach students who are otherwise unable to access these resources.

In line with this we created, a WhatsApp chatbot to help students download past grade 12 papers and memos, do basic internet research and solve maths equations via WhatsApp.

To use our WhatsApp chatbot, add the number 060 070 3213 to your WhatsApp, then say hello to start downloading past Matric (South African A-levels equivalent) papers, solving maths problems and doing internet research via WhatsApp.

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About the author : Dacod Magagula

Co-founder, CEO - FoondaMate