FoondaMate makes education accessible to those who might have no other means of getting study material.

Currently the majority of students in developing countries, and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, do not have access to WiFi. As a result most students cannot download study notes or past papers, and cannot look things up on the internet if they are confused. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many schools cannot afford printers, let alone cover the cost of printing study material for students. Few schools have enough textbooks to give each student a copy.

The good news is most students have access to a smartphone and most cellphone networks allow use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger at reduced rates. This means WhatsApp and Messenger Chatbots can help solve these problems.

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Meet The Team

Dacod Magagula

Co-Founder, CEO

Dacod studied Computer Science at the the university of Cape Town. He has 5+ years of software engineering experience. In his spare time he writes about South Africa and tech, builds plugins and develops eCommerce websites. Sometimes he goes skateboarding.

photo of tao boyle foondamate cofounder and coo

Tao Boyle

Co-Founder, COO

Tao studied Economics at the University of Cape Town. She has worked in academic research, but wanted to work in a more actionable space. She was named of the 50 most Inspiring Women in STEM in South Africa for her work on FoondaMate in 2020. Sometimes she bakes and pretends she is on the Great British Bake Off.