What is Foondamate?

FoondaMate is a WhatsApp Chatbot for high school students in South Africa with limited internet access. It can be used to download notes, past papers, do basic research and work out solutions to maths equations.

Why did you do this?

Currently the majority of students in South Africa do not have access to WiFi or mobile data. As a result most students cannot download study notes or past papers, and cannot look things up on the internet if they are confused. This is a massive problem because when many schools cannot afford printers, let alone cover the cost of printing study material for students, and few schools have enough textbooks to give each student a copy.

The good news is most students have smartphones and most cellphone networks allow free WhatsApp use. This means a WhatsApp Chatbot can help solve these problem. FoondaMate makes education accessible to those who might have no other means of getting study material. Foondamate is here for equal access to education.


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+2760 0558 055.
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