The FoondaMate robot is still available on WhatsApp to help you with your schoolwork. 😉✨

You’re only a few easy steps away from reconnecting with your robot bestie and getting the help you need to excel at school! 💯

How do I get FoondaMate to reply if it’s my first time using it 

Get a referral code from your friend

📲 First time FoondaMate users can use a sign-up code to start using FoondaMate. If any of your friends have paid for a FoondaMate plan, ask them to send you the referral code they got after they paid for their FoondaMate Plan. 🙏🏾

What if I can’t get a referral code

You can still use FoondaMate if you can’t get a referral code. Simply choose one of the FoondaMate Plans listed below and buy an OTT voucher or a 1Voucher to activate your subscription. 🧾✨

You can also use this link to pay online with your credit card or debit card. ✅

How do I get FoondaMate to reply if I’ve used it before

As a regular FoondaMate user, you just need to renew your subscription to get FoondaMate to reply to your messages. 🤖

You can choose and pay for any one of the FoondaMate Plans listed below. 🌟

The FoondaMate Plans

Get a Day Pass ✨

  • You can download unlimited past papers and memos for a day 📝 
  • And you can ask unlimited questions on the same day 💬 
  • For just R5! 👍🏾

Get the Serious Plan 💫

Get the University Bound Plan 🌟

How can I pay for my FoondaMate Plan

🌐 Pay online using a credit card or debit card

You can pay for your FoondaMate Plan using a credit card or debit card via this secure payment link. 💳✨

🙏🏾 Please remember to include the WhatsApp number you use when you chat to FoondaMate when making your payment.

📱 Pay via your online banking app

You can make a direct bank transfer to the following account to pay for your FoondaMate Plan:

✅ Account Number: 1051587590

✅ Branch Code: 470010 or the branch code automatically added on your banking app

✅ Bank: Capitec Business — you should select ‘capitec business’ not just ‘capitec bank’

✅ Beneficiary reference: your WhatsApp number

🏪 Buy a voucher at a Spaza shop

Buy a 1Voucher or an OTT Voucher at the nearest store where they are available. 🛒 ✅

Afterwards, you can send the voucher code to the FoondaMate robot to activate your FoondaMate Plan! 🧾

Check out these TikTok videos to find out where and how you can buy a 1Voucher or OTT voucher! ⬇️

@foondamate_sa If you want to know where to buy an OTT voucher to pay for your FoondaMate Plan, this is for you! 🧾🌟 You can buy an OTT voucher from your local spaza shop, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Cambridge Food, Rhino, Jumbo, and many other stores and petrol stations! 🛒✨ Once you have your OTT voucher, type out the code or send a picture of your receipt to the FoondaMate WhatsApp number (which you can access in our bio 😉) to activate your FoondaMate Plan! 🤖✅ #backtoschool #january2024 #grade8 #teamfoondamate ♬ Asambe by Ggoldie x Chley ft Ceeka x Rivalz x T.M. - _ggoldie
@foondamate_sa You can buy a 1Voucher from any spaza shop that uses Flash, or from Shoprite, Checkers, Pep, Usave, Ackermans, and many other stores! 🛒✨ After you get a referral code from a friend, you can type out the 1Voucher code, or send a picture of your receipt to the robot, and your FoondaMate Plan will be ready, just like that! 📲🤖✅ #january2024 #grade8 #teamfoondamate #backtoschool2024 ♬ original sound - MkitoCords

What if I get stuck while trying to pay for my FoondaMate Plan

You can message the FoondaMate Customer Support team on WhatsApp at +27 60 068 7384 anytime you get stuck paying for your FoondaMate Plan! 📲🤖

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