I want to pay with card

Click here to pay securely with Stripe

You can pay with a debit card or a credit card.

Don’t forget to add the WhatsApp number you’d like to use your University Bound Plan with!

I want to pay with cash/I want to pay at the nearest shop

You can pay for your FoondaMate serious plan with a 1Voucher or an OTT voucher. You can buy these online, or at your nearest Spaza, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, USave or Boxer. You can also buy them on the Capitec, Tymebank or Nedbank apps. Once you’ve bought your voucher, send the 1Voucher code to +2760 070 3213 on WhatsApp. As soon as the FoondaMate robot receives your valid 1Voucher code your University Bound Plan will be active!