What is an OTT Voucher?

OTT is a voucher you can use to make online payments. You can buy OTT vouchers at spazas, supermarkets, petrol stations, on some banking apps and online.

After buying an OTT voucher you will be given a slip with a 12 digit OTT PIN.

To use your OTT voucher you should provide your 12 digit PIN to the store where you are making a purchase.

Where to buy an OTT Voucher

At your nearest Spaza

OTT Vouchers can be bought from over 200,000 spaza shops and corner stores across South Africa!

If you’d like to buy an OTT voucher at a spaza shop, simply:

  1. head to your nearest spaza and ask for an OTT voucher,
  2. pay for the voucher with cash or card,
  3. and receive your slip with your OTT PIN on it.

This works just like buying airtime — so when you want to use the voucher all you need to do is enter the PIN. Once you enter the PIN your voucher will be redeemed, and you’ll have made the payment. Easy as that!

At your nearest supermarket or petrol station

This works exactly the same as buying an OTT voucher at a Spaza. All you need to do is head to one of these stores, and ask to buy an OTT voucher.

@foondamate_sa If you want to know where to buy an OTT voucher to pay for your FoondaMate Plan, this is for you! 🧾🌟 You can buy an OTT voucher from your local spaza shop, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Cambridge Food, Rhino, Jumbo, and many other stores and petrol stations! 🛒✨ Once you have your OTT voucher, type out the code or send a picture of your receipt to the FoondaMate WhatsApp number (which you can access in our bio 😉) to activate your FoondaMate Plan! 🤖✅ #backtoschool #january2024 #grade8 #teamfoondamate ♬ Asambe by Ggoldie x Chley ft Ceeka x Rivalz x T.M. - _ggoldie

On your banking app

You can buy an OTT Voucher on your Capitec or Nedbank banking app.

Simply log in, and follow the steps shown below.

Online on the OTT website

If you don’t bank with Capitec or Nedbank you can buy an OTT voucher online, on the OTT website.

How to pay for FoondaMate using an OTT Voucher

To pay for your FoondaMate Plan with an OTT Voucher simply send your OTT PIN to the FoondaMate robot on WhatsApp or on the FoondaMate App.

How to send your OTT Voucher code to FoondaMate

How to activate your FoondaMate Plan with an OTT Voucher

Where else can I spend an OTT Voucher

You can use your OTT voucher to make purchases at Shoprite, purchase airtime with Shoprite K’nect, place bets, top up wallets — and of course for your FoondaMate subscription.

I’m having problems with my voucher

If you are having problems redeeming your voucher you can always contact OTT.

Phone: +27 87 805 0688

Email: [email protected]

I’m unable to pay for FoondaMate with my OTT Voucher

If you have a valid  your OTT voucher and are struggling to make the payment on FoondaMate, please FoondaMate Customer Support on +27 60 068 7384 on WhatsApp ✨

Can I only pay with OTT?

Of course not! There are loads of other ways you can pay for your FoondaMate plan:

  1. 1Voucher
  2. Using a credit or debit card online
  3. Direct bank transfer
  4. Using airtime

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