FoondaMate isn’t mizing you, we promise! 😅 If FoondaMate isn’t replying, you should start off by checking that your subscription has not expired. If you’re a new user and FoondaMate isn’t replying, make sure you have a sign up code or get a 1Voucher or OTT Voucher.

I’m getting started for the first time

Getting started with a referral code 💫

📲 If you have never used the FoondaMate robot before, you’ll need a sign-up code to get started.  Ask any of your friends who have paid for a FoondaMate Plan to send you the sign-up code that they received after paying so you can use FoondaMate! 🙏🏾

Getting started without a referral code 💫

Don’t worry if none of your friends has a sign-up code to share with you. You can choose one of the FoondaMate Plans listed below and use this link to pay online or buy an OTT voucher or a 1Voucher and send the voucher code to FoondaMate to purchase the plan. 🤖✅

I’ve used FoondaMate before

If you have used FoondaMate before and you aren’t getting a response from the robot, chances are your subscription has expired.

To keep using FoondaMate you’ll need to update your plan. You can choose any of the FoondaMate Plans below. As soon as you’ve updated your plan and your payment has come through, you’ll be able to start using the FoondaMate robot to help you with your schoolwork again. 

The FoondaMate Plans

Whether you’ve used FoondaMate before or you’re new to it, you can choose any one of these three plans to get the help you need from FoondaMate, starting from just R5! ⬇️

Day Pass✨

  • Download unlimited papers and unlimited memos. 📝
  • Ask unlimited questions. 🤔
  • For only R5 for a day! ✅

Serious Plan💫

  • Download unlimited papers and unlimited memos. 📝
  • Ask unlimited questions. 🤔
  • For only R30 for 30 days (which works out to R1 per day)! ✅

University Bound Plan🌟

  • Download unlimited papers and unlimited memos. 📝
  • Ask unlimited questions. 🤔
  • And get help applying to university. 🎓
  • For R100 for 30 days (equals R3 per day)! ✅

I’m stuck on the payment

We’ve made sure there’s a way to pay for everyone — from credit card to cash. Choose the payment method that works best for you. 🤍

📱 EFT on your Banking App

If you’d prefer to make a direct bank transfer, you can use the details below:

  • Account Number: 1051587590
  • Branch Code: 470010 or the branch code automatically added on your banking app
  • Bank: Capitec Business — you should select ‘capitec business’ not just ‘capitec bank’
  • Beneficiary reference: your WhatsApp number

🌐 Online using a debit or credit card

  • To pay online using a credit or debit card, use this secure payment link ➡️ go to checkout
  • 🙋🏾‍♀️ Don’t forget to add the WhatsApp number you use to message FoondaMate on the link.

🧾 Using your airtime

  • You can use airtime to pay for your FoondaMate Plan, and it’s as easy as buying data bundles.
  • To pay using airtime, start by loading the R5 airtime if you are looking to buy the Day Pass, or R30 airtime if you’re looking to buy the Serious Plan. 📲
  • Then click here to pay for a FoondaMate Day Pass or click here to pay for a FoondaMate Serious Plan.

🏪 At your nearest Spaza using cash

  • Head to your nearest shop and ask to buy a 1Voucher or an OTT Voucher.
  • Then send your voucher code to the FoondaMate robot and you’ll be all set! 🧾
  • If you’ve never bought a 1Voucher or an OTT Voucher, check out these TikToks walking you through the process.
@foondamate_sa If you want to know where to buy an OTT voucher to pay for your FoondaMate Plan, this is for you! 🧾🌟 You can buy an OTT voucher from your local spaza shop, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Cambridge Food, Rhino, Jumbo, and many other stores and petrol stations! 🛒✨ Once you have your OTT voucher, type out the code or send a picture of your receipt to the FoondaMate WhatsApp number (which you can access in our bio 😉) to activate your FoondaMate Plan! 🤖✅ #backtoschool #january2024 #grade8 #teamfoondamate ♬ Asambe by Ggoldie x Chley ft Ceeka x Rivalz x T.M. - _ggoldie
@foondamate_sa You can buy a 1Voucher from any spaza shop that uses Flash, or from Shoprite, Checkers, Pep, Usave, Ackermans, and many other stores! 🛒✨ After you get a referral code from a friend, you can type out the 1Voucher code, or send a picture of your receipt to the robot, and your FoondaMate Plan will be ready, just like that! 📲🤖✅ #january2024 #grade8 #teamfoondamate #backtoschool2024 ♬ original sound - MkitoCords

What to do if you get stuck trying to pay for your FoondaMate Plan

If you get stuck at any point when you’re trying to make the payment for your FoondaMate Plan, you can message FoondaMate Customer Support on +27 60 068 7384 on WhatsApp!  🤖🌟

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