FoondaMate is a one to one WhatsApp tutor. The name FoondaMate translates into “study buddy” – and that’s exactly what it is.

Over 1 M+ students from +25 countries across 3 continents use FoondaMate to get help with school work and studying. Simply by sending a message asking for whatever they need on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

This means that whenever students are studying they are able to send a text to FoondaMate and get all the help they need. If a student needs to prepare for a test they simply download practice questions. If they are confused by the questions they search the concept and get the explanation via text. If they don’t understand any of the words in the explanation they can just ask Foondamate to define it.

This creates high value repeat interactions. Each time student messages FoondaMate and gets a response they find helpful their trust in FoondaMate increases – and they build a relationship with FoondaMate over time.

This relationship becomes increasingly important to students as they build a habit of using FoondaMate, and start seeing results as their marks improve. We are then able to leverage this relationship when working with clients, and provide quality education for our users and quality connections for our clients.

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About the author : Dacod Magagula

Co-founder, CEO - FoondaMate