FoondaMate is available in:

  1. English
  2. isiXhosa
  3. Xitsonga
  4. Tshivenda
  5. Afrikaans
  6. chiShona
  7. isiZulu
  8. isiNdebele
  9. Sepedi
  10. siSwati

Why? It’s not that complicated really. We believe that everyone’s language is important. We believe that every identity is important. And the language you speak is a part of that identity.

FoondaMate was first used in South Africa, and so our initial focus was on South African languages. As we see users from other parts of the world, we are working on adding more languages from those parts of the world.

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About the author : Tao Boyle

Co-founder, COO - FoondaMate