This week FoondaMate has teamed up with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) to help increase access to mental health help in South Africa.

SADAG is an incredible group working to help all South Africans deal with their mental health struggles. One of their most inclusive solutions is a WhatsApp business chat, where anyone can speak to a psychologist free of charge. This solution enables access to mental health help without needing to pay for travel, airtime or even download an additional app.

Over the coming week FoondaMate will be distributing this number to our users, along with information about Teen Suicide Prevention. As the majority of our users are from underresourced schools, without guidance counsellors or school psychologists, this will enable many of them to access mental health assistance for the first time in their lives.

We believe that education requires looking after the whole human, and ensuring that they have all the support systems they need in place. Here’s to working to make that happen.

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About the author : Tao Boyle

Co-founder, COO - FoondaMate